ZASKIA – Paranoid

ZASKIA – Paranoid

Music is something that is so easily consumed that you can forget how much an intimate experience it can be. So much apart of our daily lives and with so much music coming out daily, its hard to give a record your all with it all being processed so fast. For music to connect above the rest it has to have a quality to it that is beyond a great sound, but something real you can feel. Something that makes you connect with the artist just as much as their music, and ZASKIA has that type of music with her new song “Paranoid”.

ZASKIA brings fresh life and presence to a throwback R&B sound to make something incredible on her new song “Paranoid”. The smooth sound to approach sets the ultimate tone to make you slow down, and take in the vibes of the music, with the grooves working to perfection. Over this smooth sound ZASKIA shines to the fullest, being calm in her presence yet feeling so powerful in her tone to make the soul of the music, shine through to make you feel it all while she brings the well crafted lyrics to life, on this song that comes together like magic in a divine way.

ZASKIA’s “Paranoid” is a smash of a release for this songstress that shows unlimited potential to make fans of us all. This record does everything right to make something stand out musically with he production, writing, and vocals doing their part to aid the other righteously, but the feeling the music gives is what will keep you coming for time to come.

Check out ZASKIA “Paranoid” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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