Superflush – Cellophane Dreams

Superflush – Cellophane Dreams

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a good weekend and ready to kick off the week strong. To start off the week its a must we showcase that music that is undeniable in its pursuit to make something great. Those records that set the ultimate tone for the work that we hope to deliver to do our part, and helping the culture. For this week its a must we cover Superflush’s new song “Cellophane Dreams”.

Superflush continues to make super fans of us all with this ultimate vibe of a record called “Cellophane Dreams”. As soon as you hit play you’re brought into their world full of smooth grooves, and bright lights that shine to the fullest, to let us feel the glow of the music in every way. For this magical sound you get a vocal performance that feels just as good as the music, bringing the lyrics to life to let the listener close their eyes and dream to this supreme sound that delivers in every way.

Superflush’s “Cellophane Dreams” is the perfect record to capture the art the music will forever be. It shines in its ability to break out of any musical box that it can be put in, to make something that stands out in a fresh way, to breathe new life into the world with a sound that will keep you coming back for more for time to come. Hit play now and enjoy the magic of Superflush!

Check out Superflush “Cellophane Dreams” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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