Some music is so good, you know what to say, and how you feel about it, but some music is so good that it’s beyond words. Those really special and creative records that are filled with endless possibilities, and make you leave you subjectivity of music at the door, and just fan out to the amazing music you’re hearing. Those records don’t come across often but when you hear it, you enjoy everything about it and thats how you will feel about Vance Eris new song “CHANGE UR MIND”.

Vance Eris delivers an unforgettable display of music on the new song “CHANGE UR MIND”. The record is beyond words, with so much creativity and innovation in one record, that you get lost in the music and hope to never return. The sound is pure magic and filled with bright lights that shines, with every note. The production isn’t the only incredible element, with a vocal performance that delivers the writing masterfully, to make the emotion of it all shine through to the fullest.

Vance Eris “CHNAGE UR MIND” is an out of this world body of work that is important to the culture. This record shows the power of music, and how enjoyable it can be to discover music in a time, where you can fill like you’ve heard it all. Its a true experience that feels fresh and sounds fresh to make you a fan of it all.

Check out Vance Eris “CHANGE UR MIND” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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