Just Super – Someday

Just Super – Someday

One of the best things about being a fan of music, is being able to be a fan of an artist. Getting familiar with their sound and the journey that their music takes you on with every release to make you get invested in the artisty in a major way. With an artist like Just Super his music truly gives you everything and more with his signature sound giving us fresh life in music, with his latest release “Someday” being some of his best work to date.

Just Super continues to marvel musically in supreme fashion on the new song “Someday”. As soon as you hit play you are able to take in his. signature “Emo jazz” sound that has a great psychedelic touch to it to make you feel the music in a real way. For the brilliant emotion in the sound you get a vocal performance that is soft in the tone to make you feel the vulnerability in the writing, that goes deep to make it relatable that touches the soul on this daring admission of his in-fluctuating inability to maintain happiness.

Just Super’s “Someday” is a master class of music that is needed for the culture of music now more than ever. His willingness to take chances in the music pays off majorly, with the creativity in his approach taking things to another level to give it unlimited replay value, as you get a record that you can feel as well as explore to find more to love about it with each listen.

Check out Just Super “Someday” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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