Hanna Ögonsten – Rockstar

Hanna Ögonsten – Rockstar

When making music its always important to make music that showcases your talent to the fullest, but to really make a statement its important to make music thats entertaining. Those engaging catchy records that you can hit play on, and just have fun enjoying the vibes of the music to the fullest. Hanna Ögonsten’s brings one of those ultra must hear records with her new release called “Rockstar”.

Hanna Ögonsten’s brings a major sound full of appeal on the new song “Rockstar”. The bright energy in the sound sets things off perfectly, as you get an infectious sound that makes you want to move, as Hanna shine through to the fullest. The upbeat sound is perfect for the catchy and honest writing that come to life by her impressive vocals, that make it a true must hear record the world will love.

Hanna Ögonsten’s “Rockstar” is the perfect record to let you be a fan of the music, and have fun listening to it just as much as the artist had creating it, with so many engaging elements working together to make something socially pleasing for us all to enjoy. If you love good music you will surely love this impressive jam that doesn’t miss for a single second.

Check out Hanna Ögonsten “Rockstar” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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