Stela Cole – DIY

Stela Cole – DIY

Music is something that will forever be subjective. A wide ranging thing that has something for everyone, but something that isnt subjectible is the stars of music. Those incredible talents that shine musically but also just have a glow and charisma to them that makes you buy into their artistry, to another level. Thats something you can get from every artist but you can definitely get that from Stela Cole and her new hot single “DIY”.

Stela Cole is unapologetic in her approach and delivers her bold new must hear song called “DIY”. Her presence is commanding and makes her stand out right away, with a confidence to her that makes her feel like he real deal. She brings the perfect blend of a commercial Pop sound to give that mega appeal, and brings a braggadocios vocal cadence that gives it a nice Hip Hop touch, that lets her swagger shine all over this world. As you catch the special touch of it all you really dive into the power of the writing that takes this song to its righteous level of being a sure hit.

Stela Cole’s “DIY” is a song you hear and know it will be heard all over the world. It’s a hot brilliant sound that is digestible for the masses to hear, with a catchiness to it all that makes it fun to take in. If you’re looking for a new star run music to be invested in Stela Cole has got you covered in a real way.

Check out Stela Cole “DIY” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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