Jeverson – Somethin’ in the Water

Jeverson – Somethin’ in the Water

Something that will always shine in music is soul. That spirit in the music that makes it connect with you on a spiritual level, as you feel something in the music that is real and sticks with you like no other. That element to the music has long been the special touch that has made people, life long fans of a song as well as the artist behind the music, and Jeverson delivers that type of music with his new song “Somethin’ in the Water”.

Jeverson marvels in every way to make a music stands out as supreme on the new song “Somethin’ in the Water”. The music is laced in smooth sounds and grooves that washes over the listener, with a refreshing touch to the music that makes everything all good while you hear it. As you get to feel the sound, you get to feel the vocals even more that have a great warm tone to make the love in the writing come to life in a real way, with the care put into each aspect of the sound being on full bloom to make fans of us all.

Jeverson’s “Somethin’ in the Water” embodies what it is to be an easy listening track. The music does all the work for you with the perfectly crafted production working in perfect harmony with the well written lyrics, and served up perfectly by the masterful vocals that deliver to the fullest on the must hear body of work.

Check out Jeverson “Somethin’ in the Water” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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