Savannah Skyy – Dreamland EP (Album Review)

Savannah Skyy – Dreamland EP (Album Review)

Now more than ever people are looking for more than music that just sounds good but an experience of music that they can feel. Something that they can hit play on and hear the care in the music that gives it an authenticity to it, to make them connect with the artistry at a high level. That connection is what you get from Savannah Skyy’s “Dreamland”. A four song, 11 minute project that takes the listener on a musical journey that does wonders to the soul. Below is a review of the EP

Dreamland: The project starts with a brilliant feel good sound that has a nice disco touch that makes the grooves in the music pop the fullest to set the ultimate tone for this dreamland she brings to life. The writing is fun and brings us into this world that feels good to be, while he vocals shines to the fullest to get us invested in this strong opener

Fire: “Take me up so high I’m off my feet” The project flows effortlessly with this record keeping the party going from the previous record. The music is that much more enjoyable because you feel the music in its entirety, as every element works in perfect harmony with the next to take you back to the days of music feeling good. Her presence is infectious and makes you buy into the artistry even more with a sound that blows subjectivity out of the water with this undeniable body of work.

Typical: If there was a record that showed the true range of this project it would this one. The music slows down while still being able to capture the fun spirit of the project in the production, while being met with incredible writing that pours into the listener in a major way. It’s an anthem that praises the listener for being different and gives a fresh reminder to keep going, as well as the pick me up that music is always capable of being.

Superhuman: To finish the project she sends it off with fireworks. She incorporates everything you love about the previous records, into one amazing record that truly gives you everything. The music is big time with a big time synth sound that brings lights to the music, the vocals carry power, and the writing captures the times we’re in perfectly to put the exclamation mark on this must hear project.

Savannah Skyy’s “Dreamland” is a stand out project that is enjoyable for every single second. Each record is well crafted to make for one experience the listener can get lost in, as well feel the beauty and magic of to make you want to keep coming back for more. If you’ve been feeling the void of happy music, this is one that will surely make you a believer, with it being everything you could want from an artist and their music alike.

Check out Savannah Skyy “Dreamland” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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