Jeramiah Ferrari – Wasted

Jeramiah Ferrari – Wasted

Music can take a hold of you for many different reasons. Whether its an undeniable sound that makes it stand out or a presence to the artistry that commands your attention. The reasons are truly infinite but when you feel the love in the music that makes it something real. Something you hold on to through the times and makes you want to keep coming back for more, with the blissful energy resonating to the fullest. Thats what you get from Jeramiah Ferrari on their new song “Wasted”.

Jeramiah Ferrari brings a Reggae sound that shines in the soul in it on the new song “Wasted”. The rhymes and grooves in the music slow down time for you to enjoy it all, with a smooth sound thats perfect for the love in the writing to shine especially in the chorus. For this amazing sound you get a stand out vocal performance that is masterful in its presence, bringing soul to the music that makes you feel it all to a religious level, with this record running wild in the true spirit of love songs to make it all that much more timeless.

Jeramiah Ferrari’s “Wasted” is a fun record that shines bright to bring more light to the world, as well as the culture of music. The connection its able to make with the listener is brilliant with an intimate feel to the music, that makes you get lost in while it washes over you in waves that are refreshing. If you love good music, you will love everything about this amazing work of art that is ready for you to explore it all.

Check out Jeramiah Ferrari “Wasted” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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