CARRTOONS Featuring Nigel Hall – Groceries

CARRTOONS Featuring Nigel Hall – Groceries

Music is something that has long been a thing of trends. So much so that its hard to consider something timeless. Music that can be looked at as classic, and something that is worth coming back to. As much as that can be the case, there is music that does fit that timeless feel, and that is music that carries soul. That music that you can feel as it takes you to a special place. CARRTOONS brings that sound to life on the new song “Groceries” featuring Nigel Hall.

CARRTOONS comes together with Nigel Hall to give the perfect ode to the Motown sound on the new song “Groceries”. The music packs so much soul with lush grooves, thick baselines, and R&B drums working together as one to make for a sound you feel in every way. To match the sound you get a vocal performance from Nigel Hall that is commanding and grabs you with every note, as you feel every word being brought to life to make sure you will give the music all you have when you hear it.

CARRTOONS featuring Nigel Hall “Groceries” is an incredible record that will always work due to the authenticity in the sound that resonates to the fullest. It’s that music you can hit play on and relate to, as well as get a fresh reminder of why we all fell in love with music, with it being able to connect to a supreme level to give us all something to enjoy without limits.

Check out CARRTOONS featuring Nigel Hall “Groceries” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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