Dear Rogue – Gimme Spirit

Dear Rogue – Gimme Spirit

The subjectivity of music is something that is more relevant than ever with so many releases out there. With everyone having access to any song they want to hear, a song has to have a supreme quality to it to make it become something you add to your rotation. With a song like “Gimme Spirit” from Dear Rogue you get something beyond words that grabs you instantly to this special sound ready for the world.

Dear Rogue brings an impressive sound that doesnt waste a second making you buy into the artistry on the new song “Gimme Spirit”. As soon as you hit play you hear the production that is layered to perfection to make one socially brilliant sound, that will get you out of your seat. For this major sound you get a big time vocal performance that is filled with young, fresh, and new energy to bring this anthem to its deserving level, with the chanting approach to the chorus that makes this an undeniable release like no other.

Everything that makes you a fan of a record is what you get from Dear Rogue’s “Gimme Spirit”. Its engaging in every way to give you a sound that will bring excitement to life’s dullest days, with a shine to the record that adds fresh to the world, as well as the culture of music in a real way. If you love good exciting music to get invested in, then you will want to hit play on this record now!

Check out Dear Rogue “Gimme Spirit” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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