Gavin Leatherwood – Be My Lover

Gavin Leatherwood – Be My Lover

When the energy of the music grabs you there’s nothing you can do. Getting wrapped up in the magic of the sound that wastes little time leaving its mark on you, as you get engaging in the infectious energy of the music that makes you feel the presence of the sound in a real way. Those type of records are always fun to take in because it gives you an experience of music like no other, that makes you want to keep coming back for more. Thats what you get form Gavin Leatherwood on the new song “Be My Lover”.

Gavin Leatherwood brings a vibrant out of this world sound on the new song “Be My Lover”. As soon as you hit play you feel the magic of the music, with the exhilarating sound that builds perfectly to make you get engaging to the brilliant audio thats on full display. For this incredible sound you can get impressive vocal performance full of fresh energy to bring the lyrics to life in a real way to make sure we can enjoy every element of the music that doesn’t miss.

Gavin Leatherwood’s “Be My Lover” is a stand out body of work that makes you get excited as a music fan for this work of art. It stands out in every way from this exciting production that gets better with every second, the catchy fun lyrics, and the vocal performance that shines through it all to deliver a hot sound that is must hear.

Check out Gavin Leatherwood “Be My Lover” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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