Hip Hop is at it’s best when it’s disruptive. That raw energy that shakes up the listener, and is bold enough to go against the grain to make some game changing music. That spirit is what Hip Hop is all about, will always be supreme when you hear it. You can find the proof of this with SHOWTIME RAMON and his new song “Everest”.

SHOWTIME RAMON holds no punches on his new song “Everest”. His presence is commanding with his raw flow, that’s packed with authenticity you can’t fake as he separates the boys from men. Not only is the flow on point, but the lyricism is powerful, as each line hits the listener in the chest with true conviction, as he goes for gold over this hard production that makes it engaging for every second he gives us.

SHOWTIME RAMON’s “Everest” is that fearless Hip Hop that gives the people what they need to hear. Everything about this record is amazing and captivating with hard rhymes, accompanied with a raw flow flourishing to make something that you can keep on repeat and rock out to. If you want the real in your music, listen to this track now!

Check out SHOWTIME RAMON “Everest” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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