Isa Navarro & Mariano Herrera – 3 A.M.

Isa Navarro & Mariano Herrera – 3 A.M.

Music has a way of connecting with us like no other. Songs that are rooted in soul to make an emotion connection with the people, as well being packed with relatable substance to make it that much more personal to be apart of. In times where we need it most music has always served as a guide to articulate our most vulnerable thoughts when we need it most. Isa Navarro comes together with Mariano Herrera and Ferraz to make one of those intimate records on the new song “3 A.M.”.

Isa Navarro is able to capture the waves of emotions that comes with a relationship ending on the new song “3 A.M.”. Smooth R&B sound sets the ultimate tone for the writing and vocals to flourish, with a soulful touch to the music that slows down time for us to take it all in. As the music flows you feel the care in Isa’s vocals connect with the listener with a masterful vulnerability in the tone, that makes you feel every note and hang on to every word, with the care put into the music making a special connection, to make it all more relatable than ever.

Isa Navarro’s “3 A.M.” is a master class of music that shows the power of collaboration with Isa, Mariano, and Ferraz all putting together their talent to make one cohesive impressive sound, but also the connection and timing music can have when you need to hear it most. If you’re looking for transparent music that you can feel in your soul, then you will love every second of audio given to you on this timeless release that gets better with every listen.

Check out Isa Navarro “3 A.M.” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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