Chase Plato – Ice Cream Man

Chase Plato – Ice Cream Man

An artist stands out most when they dare to go against the grain and bring their own fresh original sound. Giving us an approach of music that breathes new life into us all, as well get an experience of music that w never heard before, but everything that we could hope to hear when discovering something new. Its those releases that makes finding new music that much better, as we get to hear sound that still shows us how much room for innovation is still in music. Chase Plato brings that type of fresh sound on his new song “Ice Cream Man”.

Chase Plato brings a brilliant display of music that is exciting for every second on the new song “Ice Cream Man”. The music is reminiscent of work from N.E.R.D.’s “In. Search Of..” with a strong genre bending sound that packs the high energy and rebellion of Rock music, while still having a nice touch of Hip Hop in the vocal cadence to give it all the edge it needs to push this sound forward to the fullest. As the music comes to life for us all you get an engaging display of music that gets more exciting with every twist and turn it offers to get you invested into this full bloom of artistry.

Chase Plato’s “Ice Cream Man” is a smash of a release that makes the culture of music exciting to be apart of. Its fearless music that dares to be defiant to make something great and pays off majorly in every way to make something worth coming back for time to come. If you’re looking for a talent that is major in their approach, then look no further than Chase Plato who stands out in every way.

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