Artist Spotlight: Halley

Artist Spotlight: Halley

Music is a thing that truly embodies the sentiment that the cream rises to the top. A crowded art that gets more populated by the day by many artists all having their own style of music that is competing for the listener’s ear. As much music thats out there, its still records the just scream appeal. Those records that have a glow to them, met with a digestibility that makes it mega in every way and know that its a sound that is meant to touch as many people as possible. An artist who has music that carries that feel is Halley and it all shines through on his project “Nocturnas”.

A seven song, 22 minute EP that shows cases his R&B Electro sound to the fullest. The music thrives in its spirit of having an original sound that lets his creative mind work in a majestic way, to craft songs that stand out like the leading song “Mmm” that as soon as you hit play it creates a world around you that brings the party to life. His range also shines in songs like “Get Away”. A bonus track featuring Juicy BAE that is stand out in its approach and covers trying to escape the past and start fresh to make him an artist that we can enjoy to hear, as well as relate to in a real way.

If you’re looking for an artist worth investing in this fresh talent Halley will surely bring fresh life to your music rotation. He brings the total package of artistry to make him must hear with him being able to let his creativity shine, as well as his authenticity to make you feel the music with every record that you can feel the care in ever more to make you want to explore this hot EP.

Check out Halley “Nocturnas” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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