The reason why Hip Hop connects like no other genre is because it serves as the perfect soundtrack for our lives. Those incredible records that are vivid in their details, as well as the feeling of the music that serves as the score for our daily lives. These type of songs are always in rotation and are timeless because of the realism in the music that connects in a way most songs don’t, and Lxnny brings us that type of music with his new release “BENDIN’ BLOCKS”.

Lxnny shows off his master pen to bring this vision to life perfectly with his new song “BENDIN BLOCKS”. The imagery in his words is everything that makes an emcee great. Bringing lyrically wizardry to the forefront on this record that vibes to the fullest. His presence in his flow is calm yet super focused and makes the words pop more, while crafting a record that makes you want to get active and ride around with your people, to make sure its a record that can be enjoyed by everybody who listens, on this this release doesn’t slack in any one category.

Lxnny’s “BENDIN’ BLOCKS” is a super dope release from a major talent that is must hear. His skills are on full bloom being able to showcase his knack for making stand out music, but the feeling in the music is surely something that will keep you coming back for more, with it being able to make a connection with the listener that is real enough to make you feel the soul of it all.

Check out Lxnny “BENDIN’ BLOCKS” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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