Rosebudd – MORPHEUS

Rosebudd – MORPHEUS

When the film “The Matrix” was released 23 years ago it was a piece that truly changed the world. A cinematic piece that stood out in every way from its story telling, characterizations, and special effects to bring the story to life that showed just how revolutionary art was becoming on the cusp of the new millennium. Til this day you can find the influence of the movie in not on films but music as well with this latest release from Rosebudd called “MOPRHEUS” being the perfect embodiment of its influence.

Rosebudd brings a her timeless style to give the perfect ode to a timeless film on the new song “MORPHEUS”. Rosebudd feels stronger than ever with her sounding like she’s in her zone and lyrically feeling like NEO when he stopped bullets for the first time, as she lets us feel the energy of her being tapped into the fullest. The flow is focus and delivers everything with perfect precision to make everything pop out over this trill production that vibes to the fullest, to make sure we get everything that we could want from a musical body of work and more.

Rosebudd’s “MORPHEUS” is a record that brings an artist closer their fans, as well as something they can rock to for time to come. She masterfully brings us along with her for her journey of life, with her transparency and vivid details in the lyricism, being delivered with ultimate power as well as conviction to make sure we feel the music in its entirety. If you’re looking for an artist that does it all look no further than the forever excellent Rosebudd, who continues to deliver a masterpiece with every release.

Check out Rosebudd “MORPHEUS” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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