Pastis – Oh Jaqueline

Pastis – Oh Jaqueline

There’s nothing like a commanding sound that gets us going. Those records that are filled with high energy in every way to make for an engaging experience of music, that gets us invested like no other. In a time where music is super crowded its always these records that shine through the pack, as something must hear and Pastis brings one of those records on the new song “Oh Jaqueline”.

Pastis creates an exhilarating sound that Burts out the seams of your speakers with the new song “Oh Jaqueline”. The music grabs you instantly with high pressure in the verses that stand out vocally with high energy in the vocals that are perfect to bring to life the lyrics of escapism, that are served up perfectly by this big time production that is a fast as a cheetah to keep us on the edge of our seat for this journey that comes to life. Feeling each moving part working with the next from the vocals, production, and writing coming together to bring something beyond sonically pleasing.

Pastis “Oh Jaqueline” is an exciting new release that showcases what you can expect from their upcoming sophomore album. Their artistry continues to grow with every release with his latest body of working being a shining example of their growth, as well as infinite potential that is on full bloom for the world to take notice to this major sound.

Check out Pastis “Oh Jaqueline” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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