A sound that always connects is a song with pure emotion. That touch to the music that makes you feel every intricacy of it, as it all comes together in a divine way to make a connection with the listener that stops time for us to take it all in. When you feel the music to the point you can relate to, its a song that keeps you coming back for more and more is what OGECHIMUSIC brings on the new song “OUT OF TIME”.

OGECHIMUSIC brings the perfect sound to make us appreciate life more on the new song “OUT OF TIEM”. The emotive approach to the sound makes it resonate to another level, with a melancholy guitar strums matched with a smooth percussion, to bring the vision to life for us to make a connection with the artistry. With the tone set you get to feel the warm approach to the vocals that bring the writing to life majorly, with the soul of it all making its impact to the fullest to make this record one that will surely last the times.

OGECHIMUSIC’s “OUT OF TIME” is a beautiful display of music that pours into the listen majorly with great substance that shines through. Its a true experience that allows us to feel something real and leave with more than we came with, as it bares its soul to us to make sure we take it all in righteously.

Check out OGECHIMUSIC “OUT OF TIME” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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