Suona – Keep Going On

Suona – Keep Going On

Now more than ever its hard for songs to stand out. People getting exposed to more music than theres time for with every style, being accessible to us all to choose from. For a song to stand out it has to have something special that makes the listener not only get engaged in to the music, but keep coming back for more. That task is easier said than done but this new record from Suona called “Keep Going On” surely gets the job done to make fans of us all.

Suona brings together the total package of a record on the new song “Keep Going On”. On the surface you get a danceable record that is layered in infectious grooves and melodies that push things forward in a real to make something enjoyable but when you get a chance to dive into the writing you get so much more. Bringing brilliant writing that shines from the gems in it that are delivered by the incredible vocal performance that packs appeal, to help it travel around the world a digestible sound that doesn’t miss for a second.

Suona’s “Keep Going On” is a sure fire hit that delivers in the audio and visuals alike to give people a full vision of artistry. The music is exciting and feels good to hear, while being matched with strong substance in the writing that lets the listener leave with more than they came, to make fans out of all us on this ultimate jam.

Check out Suona “Keep Going On” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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