Sara Diamond – Lovin’ From You

Sara Diamond – Lovin’ From You

Music such as life is real when you can feel it. When you come across an experience that resonates to you in your core, as something authentic that you’re being apart of. When you feel the music it lasts with you because even as the sound goes away, the impression that is left on you lasts with you through life for it have a special place with you, that won’t go away. That experience of music is what you get from Sara Diamond on the new song “Lovin’ From You”.

Sara Diamond makes a timeless love song thats impossible not to enjoy on the new song “Lovin’ From You”. The song is easy listening in every sense with a mastery in its approach that lets you breathe easy, as you take in the beauty of the approach. You get a smooth sound in the production that sets feel good tone for you to vibe to, that the lyrics and vocal performance work to a divine level to bring the vision of the love in the music to life, to make for a perfect listen to us all admirers of this sure star who delivers to the fullest every time.

Sara Diamond’s “Lovin’ From You” is a tune that the care in the music shines through to put its light on us all. The soul put into the music is one of this record’s greatest attributes, with a realness to it that cant be faked, as well as a sound full of love that works it magic on us effortlessly to create music full of replay value to make us keep coming back for the more.

Check out Sara Diamond “Lovin’ From You” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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