Noti x Amoa – a hundred times

Noti x Amoa – a hundred times

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had a great week and ready to have an even better weekend. To send things off right to end the week we always bring the best releases out there to the forefront, that we know can bring any listener an enjoyable experience of music thats worth being apart of. We can say this new release from Noti and Amoa is one of those incredible releases with the new song “a hundred times”.

Noti and Amoa come together to show the magic of creativity and collaboration on the new song “a hundred times”. The sound is layered to perfection bringing the perfect mix of intricate guitar lines, warm pads, and a thumping beat in the percussion to set the ultimate tone for us to be engaged. As the music flows it takes the listener on a journey that we willing sign up for, with the divine magic in the sound matched with the vocals that bring the perfect tone for work in perfect harmony to make one stand out cohesive sound.

Noti and Amoa’s “a hundred times” is an amazing release that pours more life into the culture of music in a real way. Everything about is master class and makes you want to keep coming back for more, with a sound that is progressive, as well as daring in its approach to bring a masterpiece for music lovers everywhere.

Check out Noti and Amoa “a hundred times” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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