Lu’ginnae – Xpensive

Lu’ginnae – Xpensive

Something in music that always does wonders to the soul is a beautiful sound. A sound that you feel the grace, as well as class in that sweeps you off of your feet and makes you fall in love with the artistry in a real way. Those type of records are what makes us become fans of an artist with a shine to it that lights the way for us to follow them throughout their career, and Lu’ginnae brings that magic on her new song “Xpensive”.

Lu’ginnae brings an ultra smooth vibe that cant be denied on the new song “Xpensive”. As soon as you hit play you slow down to take it all in, with a beautiful sound that feels as pure as walking on sad that sets the ultimate tone for the writing to flourish. With the tone set you feel every note of the vocals that deliver the well crafted lyrics with ease, as it glides through every melody with a special harmony that feels as good as the next, to make us get lost in the music on this record that you hope never ends.

Lu’ginnae’s “Xpensive” is a record that stands out in the soul put into the music to make an intimate connection with the listener could last a lifetime. The masterful approach to the music lets the care put in the music shine through, to make us all enjoy the many intricacies that were put into this record to make sure we all can keep being invested in this for time to come. Hit play now and enjoy the magic of it all.

Check out Lu’ginnae “Xpensive” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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