Storytelling has always played its intricate part in music being an experience for the listener. Those records that are so vivid in their detail that it brings a picture to life just as well as any cinematic piece of work that is out there. Those records have long made us fall in love with music, because the picture it creates makes for an exciting experience we can get lost in and JOY. brings one of those releases on her new song “UPTOWN HOOD”.

JOY. brings supreme artistry to make for a thrilling listen on the new song “UPTOWN HOOD”. The sound is instantly with a great genre bending sound that packs a Hip Hop/ R&B infused sound that is perfect for the vision that comes to life. JOY.’s vocals have a special tone that gives her a presence that lets you know what you came for, and brings the masterful writing to life that brings this story to life of an around the way girl that engaging in the same drug dealer fantasies as her male counterparts, to make for a creative exciting experience like no other.

JOY.’s “UPTOWN HOOD” is the ultimate vibe of the record that creates a full picture to make the listener invested for ever second. The music vibes with a stand out sound that packs nice knock to it, and is matched with stellar writing that is fun to explore, to make sure we all our on the edge of our seat waiting to see what happens next.

Check out JOY. “UPTOWN HOOD” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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