Grant Knoche – MR. INDEPENDENT

Grant Knoche – MR. INDEPENDENT

Song always stand true when its substance to the lyrics. Those records that are rooted in the truth in the words that help us connect to the artist, as well as relate to them in a way most songs dont otherwise connect. When you get a chance to experience that type of record you invest in it to another level because you get something that you can feel just as much as you can relate to it and thats what you get from Grant Knoche on the new song “MR. INDEPENDENT”.

Grant Knoche brings a song with major appeal and brilliant writing on the new song “MR. INDEPENDENT”. The commercial feel to the music sets the ultimate tone for the vocals and lyrics to flourish alike, bringing a digestibility to the sound that works wonders. Buying into the sound you hear the vocal performance shine to the fullest with a mastery in the approach, that brings the writing to life that takes on life making us grow to be independent in a creative and relatable way to make the music stick us in a real way.

Grant Knoche’s “MR. INDEPENDENT” is a stand out release for this breakout talent who does it all. His ride rage of skills are on full bloom to make a body of work that the world will love, with the care in his craft doing wonders to make sure its a hit that will travel around the world, as well as last the times on this must hear jam.

Check out Grant Knoche “MR. INDEPENDENT” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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