Alex & The Alpaca – Adorable

Alex & The Alpaca – Adorable

An argument about music that will last forever is the quality of it. Everyone feeling like their time growing up in music was the best. As much as that statement can be true based on preference, there is no denying that artists are move advanced than they’ve ever been. Countless artists breaking out on the scene with a wide array of sounds that put together a little bit of everything to make one incredible sound to make a hit. Alex & The Alpaca genre bends at a high level to make a stand out body of work on his new song “Adorable”.

Alex & The Alpaca brings a record that shines in its artistry and appeal on the new song “Adorable”. For starters this artist name is super engaging and makes you want to take a listen to the music, and once you do you hear the magic. The Pop and Trap infused sound makes for a smooth listen that he takes full advantage of to bring the well crafted lyrics to life. To connect it all he brings a vocal performance that has a commanding presence in the music that makes you catch the vibe of it all working together just right on this major release for this stand out talent.

Alex & The Alpaca “Adorable” is a record that you hear and know it will be played by people all over the world. It packs a commercial sound that can travel and matches it with high level artistry to make it all click on every level, to make it undeniable in its pursuit to make sure we all take notice on this rising star full of promise.

Check out Alex & The Alpaca “Adorable” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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