Shayla McDaniel – While You’re Young

Shayla McDaniel – While You’re Young

One of the many reasons that people come to artists is to feel the music. Getting a chance to hear music that is packed with relatable substance that we can all feel, because we all are on this journey of life together that comes with its own personal experiences, yet go through a lot of the same things. When you can see yourself through the music, it makes you invest in the song in every way and Shayla McDaniel gives us that type of music on her new song “While You’re Young”.

Shayla McDaniel continues to shine with her coming of age smash “While You’re Young”. The music has nice Indie sound that is reminiscent of music that came out in the late 90’s/ early 2000’s that serves as the perfect springboard for the vision to come to life. With the tone set you get to hear Shayla’s infectious vocals that gives the right emotion for the writing, that is well crafted in its message to not rush to get old, but enjoy your youth as much as you can which is a message that reigns true more every day.

Shayla McDaniel’s “While You’re Young” is the perfect record that encompasses the beautiful connection music will always have with the people when its real. It all comes together in a way that feels meant to be, with every element working its magic to ensure it will be a record that we all will forever be able to enjoy the magic of.

Check out Shayla McDaniel “While You’re Young” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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