Jetfly Multz – 2 For 1

Jetfly Multz – 2 For 1

Every genre has their own special niche on how they make people feel, but with Hip Hop music it’s truly a genre for the hustlers. That ambitious spirit that resonates in the music that makes you want to get money and improve your situation to the fullest. If you’re a fan of Hip Hop music it’s nearly impossible to not want more, when it’s the constant theme in some of our favorite artists music. Jetfly Multz captures that spirit on his new song “2 For 1”.

Jetfly Multz delivers an anthem for the hustlers and dreamers on the new song “2 For 1”. The song brings a hard drill in the production, that makes you feel like you’ve conquered the world that makes you turn up and listen to the game that Jetfly brings. Once he slides in you feel his slick style of rhyming, that has the right amount of conviction, with him using a tone that makes you want to feel the writing full of truth, as he takes us on his journey in a masterful way.

Jetfly Multz “2 For 1” is the perfect record that makes you a fan of the artist due to the transparency in the music. The soul in the music shines to the fullest and delivers a hit that you must listen to, and when it’s done you want to go get more. It’s an on point record that delivers to show off his craft from the rhyming to production, but also a great record to give the listener all the game they could need.

Check out Jetfly Multz “2 For 1” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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