Something that will forever make music exciting is creativity. An artist who dares to let their creativity to shine to make a stand out record with a fresh approach you can’t deny. As much as music can feel like it’s all the same, an exciting release like INTERNET SOPHI’s “PLANT WAVY” shows you that’s there’s still plenty of life in music.

INTERNET SOPHI stands out in every way to make something enjoyable on “PLANET WAVY”. Before we dive into the music our fan hood for great artist names, has to acknowledge how awesome of artist name she has, with an intrigue that makes you want to see what she’s about before you even hit play. Once you hit play you get a sound you get lost in with a sound layered in grooves that make you move. For the amazing sound you get a vocal performance that glides through it all to make the experience the music brings that much sweeter for us all.

INTERNET SOPHI’s “PLANET WAVY” is a true masterpiece that you can get lost in. The magic of the music makes for an exciting experience to be apart of, with innovation in it that makes exploring the sound a true thrill to be apart of for music lovers everywhere.

Check out INTERNET SOPHI “PLANET WAVY” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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