Nieri – Face

Nieri – Face

Everyone is always looking for something entertaining and music has long served that purpose. Being able to hit play on a record and go on a journey of sound that keeps you engaged. One of the best ways to have that experience, is getting to hear an artist dare to breathe in their approach. Bringing a certain level of innovation that brings a fresh sound to the forefront to hear music in a way, that you haven’t before. That fresh experience is what Nieri proves on the new song “Face”.

Nieri shines to the fullest with his electro sound that shines bright for the listener on the new song “Face”. The music is layered to perfection with industrial drums, and synth pads coming together to bring an 80’s inspired sound to life, to match the substance in the lyrics that come to life more with each passing second. For the magic in the sound he brings a vocal performance that is masterful in its tone to make you feel his presence, with an appeal to it that you know will help this song travel to its rightful destination.

Nieri’s “Face” is incredible music that runs wild in its spirit of creativity to make a song packed with replay value. With each listen you are able to enjoy the record, with so many engaging elements to the music working its magic to show off his innovative sound, that has us all waiting patiently for his new project that is set to release later this year.

Check out Nieri “Face” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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