Jaz Valentino – Wild Weeds

Jaz Valentino – Wild Weeds

Music is an art form that holds a true power with the people. It’s an expressive art that takes on the many obstacles of life. It’s these records that people relate to, and look to to put into words the toughest things that we are dealing with. Jaz Valentino embodies this tradition and the art of making music with substance with his new release “Wild Weeds”.

Jaz Valentino shows true artistry with his new major release “Wild Weeds”. He brings a chilling unique sound that builds well with fine crafted verses and an out of this world chorus, to deliver a masterpiece. The song writing is deep in its substance of love to make it relatable for the masses, while it all shines to the fullest. The vocal performance has a commanding presence to it that shines through it all, and lets you feel the soul as well as he care in the music to make it all that much realer for us all.

Jaz Valentino’s “Wild Weeds” is incredible life affirming anthem that gets you through. He’s able to show their wide range of artistry and shows just as well, that he can not only marvel in making records that sound good sonically, but that he can also make deep thoughtful records that makes him the complete package as an artist, that will touch fans for a lifetime.

Check out Jaz Valentino “Wild Weeds” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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