Kur – Road to Riches

Kur – Road to Riches

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone enjoyed their week and ready to bring in the first weekend of the month in a real way. To kick off the weekend we must bring the bet content out there, that cant be denied in its pursuit to make something must hear for the people to be fans of. That must hear music to kick us off comes from Dreamchaser’s own Kur on his new song “Road to Riches”.

Kur takes us on his journey to bring us closer to the person behind the music on the new song “Road to Riches”. The melodic touch to the flow brings that extra layer of soul to the music that makes the content resonate even more, as he gives some of his most vulnerable writing to date. The hard knock to the production gives the record its bounce, while the confidence in his approach still shining through to take you on the waves of emotion the record brings to us for us all to vibe to, as well feel the realness in it all.

Kur’s “Road to Riches” is a supreme body of work that shows another side of this rising talent. The approach to the music shines in its ability to give authenticity that Hip Hop is known for, and makes you become a fan even more as he lays it out there for us to become lifetime fans of this incredible talent.

Check out Kur “Road to Riches” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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