Dolo Tonight – Tucson

Dolo Tonight – Tucson

Music is enjoyable when you can dive into the music. That music that you hear the talent and intricacies of it that make you marvel at what you’re listening to. It’s that approach that gives music it’s replay value, as you find new things to enjoy about it from the biggest of elements, to the small details that you can enjoy. That level of music is what you get from Dolo Tonight on the new song “Tucson”.

Dolo Tonight brings an incredible antipop sound you must hear on the new song “Tucson”. The magic of songwriting shines on this new record, with heartfelt substance to the writing that you are able to take in and enjoy in every way. The writing is delivered by a vocal tone that conveys the emotion needed to make it all felt, all over a production that has an acoustic touch, to take you on a musical journey from the verses to the catchy chorus.

Dolo Tonight’s “Tucson” is a ready for the world record, that can be enjoyed and felt by the masses. It’s a master class of music in every way from the production that’s stellar in it’s tone setting, the writing that shows the high value of a well crafted record, and the vocal performance packed with presence to make this a record, you don’t want to miss out on.

Check out Dolo Tonight “Tucson” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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