BAABES – Too Cool For Pants

BAABES – Too Cool For Pants

When music is instantly engaging its really impossible to deny. That commanding energy to the sound that just grabs you and brings you into the listeners world, that makes you excited to be apart of the whole experience. Those type of record defy the subjectivity of music because they dont give you a chance to decide if you like it or not, it makes the decision for you with its undeniable presence. That’s what you get from BAABES on the new song “Too Cool For Pants”.

BAABES brings a strong Rock that will make you want to move on the new song “Too Cool For Pants”. The music has infectious energy that makes for a fun experience of music that you hope never ends. Bringing a driving guitar sound that pushes thing forward in a real way, while being met with catchy lyrics, that come to life the more you listen. To deliver it all you get a vocal performance that shakes things up with a stand out presence that gets in your face to shake things up, and makes you jam to the art that gets you out of your seat.

BAABES “Too Cool For Pants” is a records that gets better with every second you hear it. It understands the value of having the listener’s ear and take full advantage of it to create an out of this world sound, that you can feel in every bone of your body, to make sure you will keep moving till the party is over on this stand out record.

Check out BAABES “Too Cool For Pants” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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