tempoh slow – My Own Worst Enemy

tempoh slow – My Own Worst Enemy

Music always has a way of sticking with you when its creative. When you get a fresh original sound that stands out from everything else out there, as you get an amazing experience to be apart of. When you match that sound with music that is filled with great substance that people can feel and relate to, then you really have something that is beyond words and tempoh slow gives you that and more on the new song “My Own Worst Enemy”.

A genre bending masterpiece is what you get from this exciting release from tempoh slow called “My Own Worst Enemy”. As soon as you get play the music grabs you with big time feel to it that puts together a little bit of everything you love from Rock, Pop , Hip Hop and Hyperpop to make one socially brilliant sound. As you explore the sound you get to take in the depth in the writing that takes on getting in your own way, which is something we all can feel, as he gets us through it all in a major way.

Everything you hope to get when you hear something new is what shines through on “My Own Worst Enemy”. Its a daring display of music that runs wild in its own creative prowess to deliver something just hear, as well as giving the people something real to make sure it’s a record that will last the times for us all.

Check out tempoh slow “My Own Worst Enemy” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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