Anthony Lazaro – Second Chance

Anthony Lazaro – Second Chance

Nothing grabs the mind and soul like a great love song. A song that you feel in your bones as the same euphoria you feel, when you deeply care for someone that resonates to a high level from the music. That type of music is timeless and always something people. Anthony Lazaro gives you on of those amazing records on his new song “Second Chance”.

Anthony Lazaro embodies the soul R&B music is legendary for with his new song “Second Chance”. It’s a truly smooth soul sound filled with elegance and class. Anthony masters the art of making what is a rarity in today’s music which is love music. Music that you hear and you think of someone special, as well as give your all to someone just off the impression a record can give you. He gives an incredible vocal performance that meshes perfectly with this production, to make this song a must hear in all aspects.

Anthony Lazaro’s “Second Chance” is the perfect song to let your mind run away to. It’s impressive in every way, and makes a song that not only shows his supreme talent, but a record you can enjoy with no limits. Anthony’s artistry is on full bloom for the world to enjoy with one of a kind that anyone can hear and admire.

Check out Anthony Lazaro “Second Chance” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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