YungNickyBeamer – Light Yagami

YungNickyBeamer – Light Yagami

Music has always been a direct reflection of the world. With everything present day moving so fast the same can be said about music with so much music coming out, and so many artists new and established dropping, it makes everything come and go. For an artist to grab the attention of the people they have to make something that stands out to the point, you have to slow down to bare witness to it all. An artist that does that is YungNickyBeamer on his new song “Light Yagami”.

YungNickyBeamer brings a commanding sound that is engaging in every way on the new song “Light Yagami”. The artist name alone is super dope with a freshness to it that makes you want to see what he’s all about it, and when you hit play you know that you’re getting creativity at its finest. The dark genre bending sound knocks to the fullest set the ultimate tone, for his raw vocals and substance to come to life to bring a thrilling experience of music, that you can feel the pain in to make you get invested in the artistry at a high level.

YungNickyBeamer’s “Light Yagami” is the perfect record to the encompasses the art that music is. It’s polarizing and shine in its ability to not try to fit in any box, but throw all of the boxes out the window with a hard sound that cant be contained. Hit play now and enjoy this special sound from this artist who just out the culture on notice.

Check out YungNickyBeamer “Light Yagami” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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