Myles – Old Fashioned

Myles – Old Fashioned

The digital age that we are in his many great things but also it flaws. With everything being right at our disposal in our phones, it sometimes makes it hard to make a genuine connection with people. At one point in time everything was more direct, and the only way to speak to someone was to make real contact with them to build from. That experience is something that people are craving more than ever and Myles is able to bring the perfect song for that one his new release “Old Fashioned”.

Myles brings a smooth sound to give the people something real on the new song “Old Fashioned”. The production genre bends well bringing a touch of Afrobeats, and met with a nice R&B and Pop feel to it to make one cohesive sound that vibes to the fullest. As you are able to enjoy the grooves in the sound you get to hear the well crafted lyrics that bring the concept to life perfectly, having the right words at every turn in the verses, and taking off in the chorus to make it all complete for the vision to shine.

Myles “Old Fashioned” is a must hear record that is supreme in its quality. You get a major digestible sound that is ready for the world to hear, as well as vocal performance that rises to the occasion of it all, while also showing the magic of well written song to make sure this a song that is kept in rotation for time to come.

Check out Myles “Old Fashioned” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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