Grisecon – Ozymandias

Grisecon – Ozymandias

Artists have always been able to give us sweet medicine through song. Those records that feel good in the sound, while being met with strong substance in the writing to make the people think, while being entertained through song. That perfect balance to the music is what makes people come to artists for more than just great music, but for the messages they need to hear just like the news. This new record from Grisecon called “Ozymandias” runs wild in that spirit.

Grisecon brings a sound that shines bright and a message that shines even brighter on the new song “Ozymandias”. On the surface you get a brilliant Pop and EDM infused sound that is layered and synths, matched with awesome grooves to make you want to get lost in the music, but as you get into the jam you get to really feel the writing. Taking on climate change in a creative way, with great depth to the writing, and delivered by an amazing vocal performance that packs appeal to travel for the world to hear.

Grisecon’s “Ozymandias” is a record that shows the true power of the art that has made it such a big part of our lives. It shines in its creativity with a stand out display of music that is packed with engaging elements to keep you invested in the sound enough, to take on the deep substance to pour into the listener righteously.

Check out Grisecon “Ozymandias” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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