Jill Valentyne – Don’t Panic

Jill Valentyne – Don’t Panic

Everyone comes to music for different things. So many different styles and sounds out there for people to dive in to, there’s truly a song for every occasion and mood but something we all come to music for is to get through. Long being able to come to music to give us the vibes and messages we need to help us get by during our toughest times. Songs like that is one of the many reasons music is powerful and Jill Valentyne brings you that type of music on her new song “Don’t Panic”.

Jill Valentyne brings an amazing soul sound to the forefront to connect with the listener in a real way on the new song “Don’t Panic”. The smooth downtempo approach to the music slows down time for you to take in the spirit of it all, with an intimate feel that makes it all resonate that music more. For this great sound you get an amazing vocal performance that glides through the melodies of the song to drop the gems that shine bright to light the way for us all to keep going in life.

Jill Valentyne’s “Dont Panic” is the ultimate experience of music that will last the times. The truth and soul in the music will forever shine through, and be something that people will be able to run to when they need it most, with a brilliant approach to it all that makes everything that much more real to connect with the song as well as the person behind the music.

Check out Jill Valentyne “Don’t Panic” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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