The Rolling Stallones – Street Sweepers

The Rolling Stallones – Street Sweepers

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had a good week and ready to bring the weekend in as best as possible. To kick off the weekend we always bring the best releases we can find to showcase the major talent we come across. To kick off this Friday we had to give you that real Hip Hop the world needs to hear from The Rolling Stallones with the new song “Street Sweepers”.

The Rolling Stallones brings a hard boom bap sound that knocks for every second on the new song “Street Sweepers”. The title is super fitting with a commanding sound that clears the streets out. The hard sound in the production sets the ultimate tone with knocking percussion that makes you nod your head, to the music provided. As you get into the music you get to really take in the emceeing that is strong in its lyricism, and bring a high energy approach full of flavor to make everything connect to make something for the culture to rock to.

The Rolling Stallones “Street Sweepers” is that Hip Hop music that gives the culture more life, with a record filled with substance to keep the integrity of the game intact. The rhyming is sharp in its purist and cuts through the speakers to get right to the listener, with an in your face approach that makes this an impossible record to deny.

Check out The Rolling Stallones “Street Sweepers” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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