Speed Control – Mr Romance

Speed Control – Mr Romance

A song can be enjoyable for many different reasons. With music serving so many purposes it can really shine in many ways but a song always stands out when its just fun to hear. Those exciting records thats shine bright in their pursuit to make must hear music for the world to enjoy. That’s the type of sound we get from Speed Control on the new song “Mr Romance”.

Speed Control puts on a brilliant display of music that feels good to hear on the new song “Mr Romance”. As soon as you hit play you get swept up in the waves of the music, with the bright blissful feel of the music doing wonders to the spirit to get us all invested in this high class artistry. To match the sound you get an amazing vocal performance that sounds like it was made for this moment, being masterful in its tone to make you feel the magic in the lyrics that will keep you going when you need it most.

Speed Control’s “Mr Romance” is a record that one listen will never truly be enough for. The more you hear it the more you love it, with the care put into the music resonates to the fullest to make you want to keep this song in rotation for time to come. If you want music that you get lost in, then you will want to hit play on this record that will keep you moving for time to come.

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