Bathe Featuring Mick Jenkins – Pull Up (Remix)

Bathe Featuring Mick Jenkins – Pull Up (Remix)

Nothing is more refreshing in music than hearing the love in the music. That care thats put into the music to the point you feel it in your spirit, as something magical that is taking place for you to be apart of. As you get to enjoy that type of music, it stops time for you and makes you give your all to it in a time when most songs come and go. This new record from Bathe called “Pull Up” is one of those special records with a nice feature from Mick Jenkins.

Bathe comes together with Mick Jenkins to bring the ultimate vibe of a record on the new song “Pull Up”. The music is super smooth with amazing grooves that slide through the music and stops time for the listener to take it all in majorly. With the magic in the sound shining through the vocals come through even more, with a nice soulful tone that does wonders to the spirit to make you fall in love with it all. To take it over the top you get a verse from Mick Jenkins to add a cool to the record, to give it more life for us all to enjoy.

Bathe featuring Mick Jenkins “Pull Up” is that supreme music that you can hit play on and be a fan of the art. The music sounds just as good as it feels to hear, to make sure it will last the times for us all to keep coming back to hear the masterpiece that was created to make the world love more in a time where need it.

Check out Bathe featuring Mick Jenkins “Pull Up” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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