Sarah Manzo – The Truth

Sarah Manzo – The Truth

Something that is always appreciated is music that is real. Those records that are filled with relatable substance and delivered with soul to make an intimate connection with the listener that most songs dont. When you get to feel the music to a level that you’re apart of it, its surely something that you will be able to run to forever, and Sarah Manzo delivers one of those impressive records with the new song “The Truth”.

Sarah Manzo brings a record that the world can feel on the new song “The Truth”. The Neo soul approach to the music sets the ultimate tone, with smooth grooves that makes you slow down to take in the music in a major way. As the sound vibes Sarah lets his vocals shine to the fullest putting the right amount of soul and emotion to let you feel the writing, that captures that feeling of helpless love and fading trust that comes with relationships to make it all real for the listener to connect to.

Sarah Manzo’s “The Truth” is a master class of music to be something that connects with the people beyond sound. The record is well crafted in every way musically but even more the way that it bares itself to the listener to bring a daring approach, to allow the vulnerability to feel it all.

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