chrisfrmkro. – I wish you love.

chrisfrmkro. – I wish you love.

With an artist like chrisfrmkro. there’s not too many new words that we can come up with to describe his music. Being an artist that has dropped so many consistent and high quality releases, that we have had the honor of covering. The thing that makes him so easy to write about is the care put into the artistry that stands out as supreme music, but also music that you can feel that makes it all real for us to dive into. With his return back to music he shows true growth in the music on his new song “i wish you love.”.

The soul that chrisfrmkro. puts into his music shines through on his latest release “i wish you love.”. The music is smooth beyond words with the spirit of St Louis blues flowing through the music, to make time slow down for the listener to take in the vibes he supplies. For this ultra smooth sound you get an even slicker vocal performance that is masterful in its tone to give emotion to the writing, that goes through the stages of a post break up to make it more relatable for the listener to take in to a righteous level.

The continual growth of chrisfrmkro. is on full bloom on this stand out release. Each element of the record works in perfect harmony with the next to make one major sound, for the listener to explore. You get the production that brilliant in the tone it sets, the heartfelt lyrics, and the right vocals to make it all flow in waves over the listener on this must hear release.

Check out chrisfrmkro. “i wish you love.” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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