Naciya – So Good

Naciya – So Good

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a good weekend and ready to start off the week as best as possible. To kick off the week its always our pleasure to bring those must hear releases that set the ultimate tone for the work we hope to showcase. Those releases that we feel stand out in a real way for music lovers everywhere to enjoy. A record that we know for sure fits the bill is Naciya’s “So Good”.

Naciya brings a nice nostalgic sound with a fresh approach on the new incredible release “So Good”. The soul in the vocals resonate to the fullest, with a mastery in her approach that lets the emotion in the music grab the listener, to have an experience that is timeless. As you become a fan of the vocals you get to really take in the relatable substance in the writing, that is everything that makes music connect with you, over this ultra smooth sound that packs the right vibe for everything to be felt just right by us all.

Naciya’s “So Good” is a stand out body of work that gives the people something real they can feel. Its a true experience of music that is enjoyable to be apart of, with the soul and care in the music shining through to make it a record, that you will want to keep coming back to as the magic of it comes to life to make a fan out of anyone who listens.

Check out Naciya “So Good” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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