Charles Fauna – Honey

Charles Fauna – Honey

Music is always something real and great to be apart of when you feel it. Those records that just feel like a real thing you should take in, as you hear the many intricacies of the record taking form right in front of you to make you a true believer in the art of it all. That type of music encompasses some of the best magic of music, and Charles Fauna is able to do that and more on the new song “Honey”.

Charles Fauna brings a brilliant sound for the world to enjoy on the new song “Honey”. The reasons to enjoy this record are truly limitless, with everything being done to a supreme level but for starters we can take on the sound. A nice genre bending dreamy sound that makes you want to get lost in, with the vocals fitting the music perfectly to serve as the perfect guide for the world that he created for us all to explore. As it all comes together you get to take in the heartfelt writing that is crafted to perfection to make it all fit just right.

Charles Fauna’s “Honey” is a record you dont want to miss out on with a master class of music going to work for every single second he gives us. The song connects in every way from the production that sets the tone, the well crafted lyrics, and the soulful vocals that work in perfect harmony to make something we will be able to tune into for time to come.

Check out Charles Fauna “Honey” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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