Armor – G.O.A.T Freestyle

Armor – G.O.A.T Freestyle

Hip Hop is genre that is more crowded by the day. So many different styles and releases its hard to make something that can stick out. As difficult as it may be a supreme lyricist always has a way of cutting through the crowd, and making its way to the forefront of our minds as their words fly like no other. An artist who lets his words fly with no hesitation is Armor with his new “G.O.A.T Freestyle”.

Armor takes full advantage of a hard Grime sound to put on a lyrical master class on his new song “G.O.A.T Freestyle”. He wastes no time letting his presence be felt, with a commanding tone to his vocals that makes you pay full attention to this artist, who is unapologetic in his approach to deliver something must hear. The flow packs power and the lyrics even more with hard rhymes that is impressive in its craftsmanship, while putting the culture on notice of this promising talent.

Armor’s “G.O.A.T Freestyle” is a stand out body of work that shows just how much major talent can separate itself in a real way. Bringing an engaging experience of music that shines to the fullest in the audio, as well as bringing entertaining visuals full of fun vibes, that lets us get to enjoy the star of this show in every way.

Check out Armor “G.O.A.T Freestyle” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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