Smokiecoco – Just Like That

Smokiecoco – Just Like That

Something that is always enjoyable is a fresh sound. A sound that just has a fun spirit to it that just vibes to the fullest, with you having just as much enjoyment of hearing it, as the artist had putting the track together. A group that always has fresh music to five into is Smokiecoco and with their latest release “Just Like That” they show you why they’re one of the most promising acts around.

Smokiecoco brings an infectious must hear sound that shines in a real way on the new song “Just Like That”. The music has a smoothness to the sound that grabs you right away, with a special touch that makes you emotionally connect right away. Once they have you, they really show off in the vocals that flow right over the listener like waves of an ocean, with the fluid style being perfect to let the words fly right over the music, to make it connect in every way on this must hear listen.

Smokiecoco’s “Just Like That” is everything that you hope to get when hearing new music, with a great sound that you will want to keep coming back to for time to come. It defies subjectivity of music with ease, with a enjoyable tone to the music that lets you just be a fan of the music and love life that much more because of its presence.

Check out Smokiecoco “Just Like That” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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